MCF Maxillofacial Fixation System

The MCF Plate and Screw System consists of a variety of plates and meshes that come in multiple shapes and sizes to meet the anatomical needs of the patient. It features Thin (0.8mm profile) and Extra Thin (0.6mm profile) implants.
This system is designed for use with the MCF screws. System compo­nents are manufactured in either titanium or titanium alloy and are intended for single use only.

About The System

MCF Craniomaxillofacial Fixation System consists of the following implants:

  • MCF Straight Plates T705A/T707A
  • MCF Oblique L Plates T705B/T707B
  • MCF T Plates T705C/T707C
  • MCF Y Plates T705D/T707D
  • MCF Arc Shaped Plates T705E/T707E
  • MCF Double Y Plates T705F/T707F
  • MCF X Plates T705G/T707G
  • MCF Orbital Floor Anatomical Reconstruction Plate T705H
  • MCF Orthognathic Anatomic L Plates T707H
  • MCF Orthognathic Oblique L Plates T707J
  • MCF Orthognathic Double Curved Jaw Plates T710C
  • MCF Orthognathic Straight Sagittal Split Plates T710B
  • MCF Orthognathic Curved Sagittal Split Plates T710A
  • Titanium Mesh


  • Trauma of the midface and craniofacial skeleton
  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Reconstructive procedures
  • Orthognathic surgery of the maxilla and chin


Screws & Instruments
Self-drilling screws, self-retaining screws and screwdriver blades designed to address the risk of striping.
Low Profile Implants
Low plate and screw profile (0.6 mm) designed to reduce implant palpability.
Ease of use
Color-coded by size and thickness for identification.

Standardized instruments compatible with all implants in the system.

Provides balance between rigidity and contourability.

Screw matrix tray is well organized and labelled to avoid misusing.

MCF Screws Options

The MCF Screw Matrix Tray is designed in a revolver-cylinder-like mechanism. And there is a rotatory cap with a round pick-up window covering the tray. The surgeon only needs to rotate the cap to the corresponding length indicator on the tray then he/she will find the right screws.


Product NameMaterialDiameterLengthProduct ID
MCF 1.5mm Self-Tapping ScrewTitanium Alloy1.5mm4/5/6/732325004 – 32325007
MCF 1.5mm Self Tapping ScrewTitanium Alloy1.5mm4/5/6/732321004 – 32321007
MCF 1.7mm Correction ScrewTitanium Alloy1.7mm5/6/7/832322005 – 32322008
MCF 2.0mm Self-Drilling & Tapping ScrewTitanium Alloy2.0mm5/6/7/832326005 – 32326008
MCF 2.0mm Self-Tapping ScrewTitanium Alloy2.0mm5/6/7/832323005 – 32323008
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