Titanium Cable System

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Titanium Cable System is a cerclage system which uses positioning pins or screw caps in general orthopedic surgery, prophylactic banding during total joint procedures, and temporary reduction during open reduction procedures.

About The System

The Titanium Cable System consists of the following components: 

  • Metal Titanium Cable
  • Fastening Buckle
  • Cable Filling Caps (Optional)
  • Tension Band Pins (Optional)

Features & Advantages

Made of multiple twisted titanium alloy wire, with good flexibility, outstanding static strength and higher fatigue strength.

Titanium cable has strong strain resistance capability, ideal for tensioning and fixing.

Fastening buckle mechanism locking, no need of twisting wire cable.

Fine tune tension of cable via tightener.

Dedicated cable filling caps fix the issue of cable sliding on bone plate.

Video Operation Guide

Joint Repair Operation Guide
Olecranon Fracture Operation Guide


Patella fracture, olecranon fracture, humeral greater tuberosity fracture, medial condyle fracture, acromioclavicular joint dislocation, femur trochanter fracture and other avulsion fractures of bony prominence. Able to use with bone plate to provide strong and stable compression for oblique fractures in the diaphysis region of the limbs.

Sterile Package


Product NameMaterialDiameter (mm)Length (mm)Product No.
Metal Titanium CableTitanium Alloy1.3520T7713520-S
Metal Titanium CableTitanium Alloy1.8520T7718520-S
Fasten BuckleTitanium Alloy1.4T7721408-S
Fasten BuckleTitanium Alloy1.9T7721908-S
Cable Filling CapTitanium Alloy3.5T4863501
Cable Filling CapTitanium Alloy5.0T4864500
Tension Band PinTitanium Alloy2.060T5220060
Tension Band PinTitanium Alloy2.070T5220070
Tension Band PinTitanium Alloy2.080T5220080
Tension Band PinTitanium Alloy2.0100T5220100
Tension Band PinTitanium Alloy2.0120T5220120
Tension Band PinTitanium Alloy2.560T5225060
Tension Band PinTitanium Alloy2.570T5225070
Tension Band PinTitanium Alloy2.580T5225080
Tension Band PinTitanium Alloy2.5100T5225100
Tension Band PinTitanium Alloy2.5120T5225120
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