Arab Health 2024 Event

Sail a journey through the forefront of healthcare innovation at Arab Health 2024. This annual exhibition brings together leading minds and cutting-edge technologies, offering a snapshot of the transformative solutions poised to redefine global healthcare. As a fresh start in 2024, Kangli brings passion and profession to all our partners and guests. We are here to provide robust and reliable devices in orthopedics.

The Opening

Day 1 at Arab Health 2024 was like a big, exciting party for healthcare! There were a ton of people, all buzzing with excitement to see the cool stuff. The opening ceremony set the tone, featuring insightful keynote addresses from influential figures in the healthcare sector.
As the day progressed, participants engaged in dynamic conversations, exchanging ideas and insights on the future of healthcare. The exhibition floor became a vibrant showcase of new technologies, from groundbreaking medical devices to revolutionary healthcare IT solutions.
Exhibition Insights

Meeting Our Guests

Our booth buzzed with activity as a stream of guests and friends stopped by, capturing moments with photos to commemorate the shared experience. Kangli’s GM Mr. Lu attended the exhibition and had delightful conversations with the guests. Our smart and experienced sales representatives Olivia and Joe introduced our products and answered questions.

Trending Products

The trauma product category underscored the Kangli’s dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for orthopedic injuries. From fractures to complex trauma cases, Kangli demonstrated a robust portfolio designed to meet the diverse needs of orthopedic surgeons and healthcare professionals.
IM (Intramedullary) nails are designed to treat long bone fractures, such as humerus, femur, tibia and fibula. These innovative implants showcased advancements in materials and design, ensuring optimal stability and support during the healing process.
JZPA 6.0 Spinal Fixation System
The spine fixation series provides systematical solutions for degenerative disc disease, vertebral fracture or dislocation, and fusion procedures. Depending on the situation, there are minimal invasive variation (JZWA), cannulated variation (JZKA) and comprehensive variation (JZPA) to be recommended.
Apart from Screw and Rod System, we also have Laminoplasty Plates and Fusion Cages shown on the shelf.
Craniomaxillofacial Fixation Series is our new attempt at trauma and reconstruction implants. This procedure category includes products to address fractures of the mandible, maxilla, and the midface including orbital fractures and fractures of the zygoma. The system consists of micro plates, screws, and customizable meshes.

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