Kangli Orthopedics

Founded in 2002, Kangli Orthopedics is an growing enterprise in the orthopedic field, engaged in the OEM, ODM, and OBM of medical implants and instruments.

Featured Products and Series

IM Nails

MCF System

VA Distal Medial Radius Locking Plate

LCP Series

Certified and Honored

Kangli Orthopedics has achieved various certifications, including CE, FDA, ISO 13485 and GMP, for our excellent quality management of production. In speaking of technological innovation, we have won prestigious honors such as National High-Tech Enterprise, Jiangsu Graduate Workstation Unit, and Suzhou Enterprise Technology Central Unit.

The main building of Kangli Orthopedic Instrument Co., Ltd.

Registered capital reaches 102 million CNY (about 14.2M USD). Number of employees reaches 200.


Campus area covers 50 acres, with overall floor area 40000 square meters.

Company holds over 300 national patents and has established strategic collaborations with famous universities.

A well-equipped test laboratory with researchers conducting experiments and analyzing data.

Research & Development

Kangli Orthopedics continues to lead the industry in orthopedic medical device research and development. With strategic partnerships with top-tier universities and an innovation platform equipped with advanced 3D printing technologies, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Doctor explaining spine anatomy to a patient.

Spine Fixation System.

As most important part of the human skeletal system, spine is responsible for supporting and protecting the spinal cord and organs, maintaining mobility, and facilitating nerve conduction.

Sports injury and physical trauma

Care for Physical Trauma.

Locking plates and intramedullary nails iteratively updated over years of clinical application experience. Consistently provide surgeons with reliable and efficient tools. Deliver better treatment outcomes for patients with minimal procedural impact.

OEM/ODM Services.

If you demand product that is out of our data sheet, then we recommend our customization solution. Authorized design or sample is required. The finished product can be labelled with your own logo.

Our Mission:

Dedicated to the preservation of life and protection of health.

Our Vison:

Strive to become a premier enterprise, leadership of nation’s industry.

Our Value:

Integrity, pragmatism and service makes value.

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