OEM Solution

Quality & Consistency

Over 10 years of OEM manufacturing experience. Through successful collaborations with esteemed surgeons and as a trusted OEM partner to leading medical companies, Kangli has innovated exceptional and high-grade surgical devices to meet the exacting requirements of today’s surgical professionals. The quality and consistency of service are highly rated by our customers.

Our products obtain CE and FDA certificates, you don’t need to worry about the qualification issue of importing to main markets. The entire manufacturing process passes ISO:13485 quality management system verification. This means your OEM customized products are also guaranteed the quality. See our certifications here.

Advanced Machining

DMG 5-Axis Machining Centre

  • 10+ units of compact, durable, powerful turn-mill machines
  • accuracy in μm range
  • used for making bone plates and intramedullary nails

Citizen Automatic CNC Lathe

  • modular designed machine
  • perfect for machining medical components
  • used for making many types of screws

Product series customized by our partners:

Calcaneus/Fibula/Tibia Locking Plates

  • compression technology
  • variable-angle locking technology
  • anatomical and special surgical implant

Cannulated Compression Screws

  • hollow design, improve the accuracy of the percutaneous implant
  • variable pitch thread and taper design: pitches vary from big to small, causing the driving speed of head into the bone faster than the one of tail, resulting the fracture surface well pressured
  • full threaded, keep the pressure function better when carrying periodic loads

Customized Titanium Net

  • based on CT/MRI/DSA imaging data of the patient
  • 3D software generates reconstruction model
  • personalized cutting and shaping for the net

More product series:

Most of our product series allow customization. Please visit our category page to find out more.

OEM Options

Because we are a professional manufacturer in orthopedic fields and obtain lots of design patents: You can select from our mature models of design as the foundation. You can customize the dimensions, finish types, colors, and many other options.

Or, if you have your own design and just looking for a qualified factory to finish the production: Provide us design drawing files (you must have the original intellectual property) and authorize us to start the production.

Both options support carving your own brand and information on the product.

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