MCF Maxillofacial Plates Instrument Set

The MCF Instrument Set comprises a range of installation tools specifically designed for craniofacial, mandibular, and orthognathic surgeries. Plates and screws are meticulously arranged within metal cases, each labeled for easy identification. The tools are securely mounted on holders, ensuring quick access for the surgeon and maintaining clarity throughout the surgical procedure.

Package Content

MCF Instrument Set includes:

  • 0.6/0.8mm plate cases and boxes
  • 1.5/2.0mm screw boxes and accessories
  • Quick coupling screwdriver set, with awls and cross blades
  • Plate benders
* Plates and screws are sold separately.

** Instruments can be modified to match the specific needs of the procedure.


  • the trauma of the midface and craniofacial skeleton
  • craniofacial surgery
  • reconstructive procedures
  • orthognathic surgery of the maxilla and chin

Associated Implants:

Product ID Table

Product NameProduct IDProduct NameProduct ID
MCF Quick Coupling Handle91150124MCF Screw Length Column 691270603
MCF Awl Φ1.4 x 5mm91270101MCF Screw Length Column 791270604
MCF Awl Φ1.4 x 8mm91270102MCF Screw Length Column 891270605
MCF Awl Φ1.4 x 10mm91270103MCF 0.6 Plate Case91270401
MCF Plate Bending Plier (Left)91270201MCF 0.8 Plate Case91270402
MCF Plate Bending Plier (Right)91270202MCF Profiling Plate Box PPSU 0.691270501
MCF Cross Screwdriver Blade 40mm91130206MCF Profiling Plate Box PPSU 0.891270502
MCF Cross Screwdriver Blade 65mm91130207MCF Screw Frame Φ1.591270701
MCF Screw Box Φ1.591270301MCF Screw Frame Φ1.7/2.091270702
MCF Screw Box Φ2.091270302MCF Screw Frame Silicone Cap91270801
MCF Screw Length Column 491270601MCF Screw Case Silicone Pad91270901
MCF Screw Length Column 591270602
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